“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
~ Chinese Proverb

Mr. Rana Muhammad Arif (Late) laid the foundation of A to Z law firm in 1976

A to Z has been at the forefront of intellectual property law for 40 years but its history doesn’t begin there. The story of A to Z is the story of hard work and dedication spanning over 42 years. The firm was founded by Mr. Rana Muhammad Arif (late), the scion of an illustrious family with well established legal and political roots. Mr Arif is recognised as one of the original leading lights in the area of intellectual property law and worked very hard for the law firm.The era of 1990 witnessed rapid business development of the firm, through the addition of new attorneys and a series of mergers with other firms.That era also saw the merger of IP Services, a top notch Intellectual Property Search & Investigation firm of Pakistan.

Late in 2000 A to Z law firm open its wings and jumped into different ares of Law like, Civil, Criminal, Banking and Immigration. Over the years A to Z law firm become a well reputed law firm In Lahore, Pakistan with more than 50 attorneys on board at a time. Late in 2016 was a major downfall of A to Z law firm when The Founder Mr Rana Muhammad Arif ( Late) left this mortal world in a sudden Heart Attack. After his demise the law firm faces the worst era of his life and begin to sank, Meanwhile Mr Adil Naeem Sheikh one of the Associates of Late Mr Rana Arif took initiative to took this sinking giant ship to the shore. and with the help of his associate and cousin Mr Azeem Qasim Sheikh struggle hard and lead the firm coming on front and successful once again.

Now in 2017 A to Z law firm once again have more than 20 attorneys In his panel focusing on all major domains of Law. Under the supervision of one of the Top Advocates of all times, Rana Moazzam Abbas, Malik Amjad, Malik Akram and Ali Imran Bhutta, A to Z law firm is now paving its way towards destination. Currently A to Z law firm only have two partners Mr Adil Naeem Sheikh as a Head of Law Firm and Mr Azeem Qasim Sheikh as Managing partners. A to Z law firm also have more than 20 attorneys on board to serve the clients.